B Sharp Musical Club Scholarship Awards

 The B Sharp Musical Club will hold its annual Musical Scholarship Auditions in the Sinnott Family Bank of Utica Auditorium at MWPAI on Saturday, March 9, 2019.  B Sharp has sponsored this competition for nearly 75 years.  Awards for this competition are given in three categories: Piano, Voice, and Instrumental.

Scholarship Winners Concert

Sunday, April 7, 2019 @ 2:00 PM

MWPAI Sinnott Family Bank of Utica Auditorium


2018 B Sharp Scholarship Winners

1st - Libby Militello
2nd - Sylvie Novak
3rd - Zachary Polus
HM - Katherine Nelson
HM - Ryanne Solinsky

1st - Hannah Kang
3rd - Nicholas Adair

1st - Andrea Brugnara
2nd - Caroline Gardner
3rd - Amelia Treat
HM - Alanna Moonan

B Sharp has been providing thousands of dollars
in scholarship funds to
talented high school musicians for over 70 years.

Our esteemed judges come from colleges and universities
throughout New York State to adjudicate.

Students from Oneida, Madison and Herkimer Counties,
or who study with a B Sharp member teacher from another county,
are eligible to participate.

2017 Scholarship Winners


1st Place - Mary Magdalene Tehan

2nd Place - Emma Novak

3rd Place - Kevin Spooner, baritone

HM - Clotilde Cecchi and Sidney Mulloy


1st Place -  Sarah Antonevich

2nd Place - Caroline Gardner

HM - Caleb Hoffmann and Eva Borton


1st Place - Hannah Kang

2nd Place - Nicholas Adair

HM - Emma Bartle


1st Place - Mari Sosnowski

2nd Place -  Elizabeth Hahn

HM - Katherine Nelson and Kristin Rivera

2016 Scholarship Competition Winners

1st Place - Emma Novak
2nd Place - Rachel Nunneker
3rd Place - Kevin Spooner
HM - Aaron Barnett

1st Place - Sarah Bobrow
2nd Place - Katie Schlosser
3rd Place Elizabeth Hahn

1st Place - Htee Mu Dee
2nd Place - Caleb Hoffman
3rd Place - Caroline Gardner

1st Place - Hannah Kang
HM - Saulo Ferreira

Please read below what one student has to say about the competition.

Congratulations to our 2015 Scholarship Competition Winners!
1st - Kevin Spooner
2nd - Brett Hammes
3rd - Emma Novak
Honorable Mention - Tessa Hildreth
Honorable Mention - Milleta Oldick

Winds, Brass, Percussion
1st - Katie Schlosser, flute
2nd - Sarah Bobrow, bassoon
3rd - Edwin Brennan, flute

1st - Brian Gadbow, cello
2nd - Saulo Ferreira, cello

1st - Spencer Parrish
2nd - Hteemu Dee
3rd - Caleb Hoffman
Honorable Mention - Melody McCoy-Cole