John Murphy                                                            President
Peter Costianes                                                 Vice President
Sylvia Diamond                                        Recording Secretary
Peter Costianes                                  Corresponding Secretary
Donna Mungari                                                        Treasurer
Sally Mungari                                            Assistant Treasurer
Arlene Iagnocco                                     Scholarship Treasurer
Genevieve Piersma                                                   Librarian


All past presidents, Officers, Committee Chairs and
Lawrence Day - Peter Loftus - Jane Metzger


Barbara Wuest - Chair
Dan Evans - Cynthia Grantham-Wright
Jan Moore - Donna Mungari - Sally Mungari
Genevieve Piersma - JoElyn Wakefield-Wright

Jim Apel - Apel Accounting

Elizabeth Carville Evans - Chair
Anita Firman - Betty Lou Frye - Jane Metzger
Beverly Nelson - Fiona Peters - Joanna Robertson
Sar-Shalom Strong - JoElyn Wakefield-Wright

Lauralyn Kolb - Chair
Kathleen Tooley Austin - Arlene Iagnocco
Beverly Nelson - Ruth Ridgeway - JoElyn Wakefield-Wright

Peter Costianes - Chair
Michael DiMeo - Dan Evans - Cynthia Grantham-Wright
Linda LoRusso - Sharon West - Jon Fredric West

Sylvia Diamond - Chair

Genevieve Piersma - Chair

David Moore and John Murphy - Co-chairs

Arlene Iagnocco - Chair
Lauralyn Kolb - Richard Pashley - Fiona Peters
Sar-Shalom Strong

Joanna Robertson - Chair
Peter Costianes - Elizabeth Carville Evans - Anita Firman - Lisa Jones
Linda LoRusso - Donna Mungari - Sally Mungari

Peter Costianes - Chair
Kathleen Tooley Austin and Tina Toglia - Website
Kathleen Tooley Austin - Facebook

Cynthia Grantham-Wright - Chair
Tina Beck - Donna Mungari - Richard Pashley
Genevieve Piersma - Allyson Sklar - Roberta Wratten

Lauralyn Kolb - Chair
Margaret Babin Tallman - Assistant Chair
Arlene Iagnocco - Scholarship Treasurer
Kathleen Tooley Austin - Peter Costianes - Dorothy Deimel
Elizabeth Carville Evans - Beverly Nelson
Sar-Shalom Strong - Tina Toglia

Joan Batson - Lauralee Driscoll - Elizabeth Carville Evans
Kristen Kelly Hahn - Lauralyn Kolb
Peter Loftus - Judy Marchione - Jan Moore
Joanna Moore - Joanna Robertson - Allyson Sklar

Donna and Sally Mungari - Co-chairs

Peter Costianes - Chair
Arlene Iagnocco - Scholarship Treasurer
Betty Lou Frye - Peter Loftus - Beverly Nelson
Fiona Peters - Sar-Shalom Strong

David Moore - Chair
Joanna Robertson - Program Chair
Judy Marchione - Jr. B Sharp


Nominating Committee – The Nominating Committee consists of a Chair and four members elected at the Annual Meeting.  It nominates the new slate of officers and presents the slate at the following Annual Meeting.

Membership Committee – The Membership Committee recruits new B Sharp members.  

Auditions Committee – The Auditions Committee receives resumes from B Sharp members wishing to become performing members.  It schedules auditions for those members or it may decide to waive the audition if the applicants have established performing reputations.  Members of this committee must be performing members themselves.

Student Membership Committee – The Student Membership Committee works with Jr. B Sharp.  It is responsible for setting up monthly programs for Jr. B Sharp members.  It auditions new Jr. B Sharp members three times a year, in September, January, and May.  The members of the Student Membership Committee act as mentors to the Jr. B sharp members.

Honorary Membership Committee – The Honorary Membership Committee is composed of all past presidents.  The Chair of this committee is the current Past President.  This committee elects new Honorary Members.  An Honorary Member does not need to be elected every year.

Program Committee – The Program Committee sets up the performers for B Sharp’s five regular concerts during the year.  Members of this committee usually work in pairs and are responsible for one concert a year.  They contact the performers for their concert, receive the performer’s program information, and organize the program.  Members must submit the program information to the person printing the program in a timely fashion.  

Reception Committee – The Reception Committee members are responsible for helping with the receptions that follow the Scholarship Benefit Concert and the Scholarship Winners Recital.  

Ways and Means Committee – The Ways and Means Committee is responsible for raising money for B Sharp’s Scholarship Fund.  It is responsible for the Scholarship Benefit Concert which usually takes place in October.

Scholarship Committee – The Scholarship Committee is responsible for conducting the Scholarship Auditions in March and producing the Scholarship Winners Recital in April or May.

Extensions Committee – The Extensions Committee takes B Sharp programs to senior residences in the area.  It may also be responsible for other community outreach programs.

Publicity Committee – The Publicity Committee is responsible for sending out information about B Sharp events to the media.  It also includes posting events and information on B Sharp’s website and on facebook.

Constitution Committee – The Constitution Committee is responsible for any changes that may be necessary to B Sharp’s Constitution and By-Laws.  It must present these changes to the board for consideration.

Friendship Committee – The Friendship Committee sends cards to B Sharp members who are ill or who have lost loved ones.

Telephone Committee – The Telephone Committee makes phone calls to our few members who do not use email, reminding them of B Sharp meetings and events.

Auditing Committee – The Auditing Committee is a committee of one.  It consists of B Sharp’s Auditor who audits the books of the General Treasurer, the Scholarship Treasurer, and the Jr. B Sharp Treasurer each year.  The Auditor also prepares and submits B Sharp’s tax forms every year.

Annual Dinner Committee – The Annual Dinner Committee is responsible for planning the Annual Dinner each year.  The dinner usually takes place in May.

Library Research Committee – The Library Research Committee is responsible for keeping track of B Sharp’s history.  The Librarian keeps B Sharp’s programs, photos, newspaper clippings, etc. in a scrapbook.

Yearbook Committee – The Yearbook Committee is responsible for collecting, organizing and printing the B Sharp yearbook each year.  It is usually chaired by the President.