Jr. B Sharp Officers

Vice President

Senior Advisors for Junior B Sharp

Joan Batson - joanbretiree@gmail.com
Lauralee Driscoll - lddmus@gmail.com
Beth Evans - mommytoot@yahoo.com
Lauralyn Kolb - lkolb@hamilton.edu
Peter Loftus - PJL315@aol.com
Joanna Moore - CaMaSu34@aol.com
Joanna Robertson - jmrobertson1127@outlook.com
Allyson Sklar - allysonsklar@gmail.com
Sar-Shalom Strong - sstrong@hamilton.edu
Maggie Tallman - margarettallman@mac.com

Guidelines for Performers

Check the website for your performance date and begin preparing immediately.  If your piece requires an accompanist, engage one and schedule rehearsal time.

At least four weeks before your scheduled performance, notify the monthly senior advisor of the name of your composition, composer and accompanist.

Performers will introduce their own selections.  You may prepare a brief statement about the composition or composer to share with you audience.

Please try to honor your assigned date for performance.  It is your most important annual obligation and privilege of membership!  Exchange of dates can be arranged if absolutely necessary, provided your senior advisor is notified immediately.

Remember that singers, pianists, and dramatic performers must memorize their selections.  Other instrumentalists are strongly encouraged to do so.

Guidelines for Senior Advisors

At least one month in advance of the program for which you have charge, call the assigned student members for names of compositions to be performed.  Make sure they have already made arrangements for an accompanist if one is needed.  If necessary, provide them with names of pianists who may be available to play.

Remind singers, pianists and dramatic performers that they must perform from memory.

In the event that the student cannot perform at the meeting assigned to him or her, encourage the student to find his or her own replacement by swapping dates with another member.

One week before the program, call the performers again as a final reminder.  Let them know where they appear on the program.

It is not necessary to print programs as the student should announce their own pieces.  Provide refreshments for approximately 30 people to be served at the meeting.  Please bring paper cups for beverages as no plastic may be used.  You may be reimbursed for your expenses by the club treasury up to $15, if you so request.

All advisors should contact their advisees (student members) to remind them of the upcoming special events.